Fundraising Made Easy with SportsEngine and RallyMe


In an effort to help parents and teams pay for the expenses of youth sports, SportsEngine/NBC Sports recently acquired RallyMe, and together they have created an integration exclusively for SportsEngine users. 

We've simplified the process of setting up an online fundraiser for SportsEngine users who want to take advantage of RallyMe's tools to raise funds. 

Using the Integration through SportsEngine

1. Login to RallyMe

Simply open your web browser and go to You will be presented with an option to login with your SportsEngine account or you can access RallyMe directly from the TeamCenter/Integrations button.






2. Create Your Rally

Once you are logged in, RallyMe will step you through the simple process of creating a Rally fundraiser using your team information from your SportsEngine account. Just choose your team and fill out the additional information needed from RallyMe. 
NOTE: If you want to create an organizational rally or individual athlete, you can do that too, by not selecting any team information and just promote it as an organizational Rally



3. Use the Roster Tool (optional)

Once you've completed the basics of your team's Rally fundraiser, you have the choice of importing your rosters so all team members can take part in the fundraising effort. RallyMe stats show that teams can raise up to 30% more when members get involved in the campaign through the Rally Roster. The SportsEngine/RallyMe integration makes this easy by automatically loading your roster players into the Rally and sending them an email telling them to participate in the effort.




4. Promote on your SportsEngine site

It's simple to share your Rally fundraiser on your SportsEngine website. It will look great on general, team and roster player pages. 

You can add the RallyMe page element to your site. Choose from two options: 1. Display your live fundraiser, or 2. Display a call-to-action box inviting your members to start their own fundraiser. Anyone can use RallyMe to raise money for any sport endeavor or cause.

You can display as many fundraisers on your website as you want.


5. Promote Your Rally Fundraiser to Your Network

RallyMe makes it easy for you to share your Rally campaign fundraiser to your network. Social media buttons for all the major sites are available as well as the ability to send emails announcing your campaign. Additionally, RallyMe provides a comprehensive RallyMe Playbook with tips on how to create and promote your fundraiser

Questions? We're here to help: