The Rally Roster Tool Just Got Even Easier

As a team or organization, your greatest asset is your strength in numbers. The more members reaching out to their friends, family, and fans asking for support, the more money raised. 

With the Rally Roster, each member gets his or her own personal Rally page that includes the same title, video, and swag as the main Rally campaign.

Each member raises funds individually, and the amount is displayed on their Rally page and added to the overall total on the main campaign. All contributions go to the main Rally’s bank account.

Our research shows that Rally campaigns that utilize the Rally Roster feature can raise at least 50% more than those without.

As part of our most recent update, you can now join a Rally Roster as a team member once the main campaign is active. Upload a photo, provide your location, and add your bio information.

Once the team member accepts the email invite to join the Roster, they sign in and are then taken to a page where they can upload a personal photo, provide their location, and put in a little bio. Each team member gets their own page with a unique link they can share with their network of supporters.

We have also added a new scroll bar at the top of Roster enabled Rallies. It shows the name and photo of each individual team member, along with the total amount each has raised. This can be a great way to promote competition and encourage each member to give it their all!

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