Why 70% of Kids Quit Sports by Age 13

The Washington Post has been doing a great job of adding a cogent voice to the conversation about how to understand and improve youth sports. In this short piece, writer Julianna W. Miner says that seven out of 10 kids quit because the system is designed to encourage them to bail.

Here are the four reasons she cites:

It’s not fun anymore because it’s not designed to be.

Our culture no longer supports older kids playing for the fun of it. 

There is a clear push for kids to specialize and achieve at the highest possible level.

There is a cost to be competitive and not everyone is willing or able to pay it.

This is a big problem. Our kids are quitting sports just when they need them most and we are quitting on our kids, just when they are in the most danger of going astray (I don't think anyone would argue that mis-spent teen years have the greatest potential for causing lasting damage to our children).