Raise money even after your Rally has ended: Check out the Fan Page

The Fan Page option makes it easy to continue raising funds after your Rally campaign ends. Maybe you had a few people miss the deadline to contribute and need extra time. Perhaps you want to grow your support even more. Or, you want to create an ongoing Official Fundraising Page. 

How does the RallyMe Fan Page Work?

1. During the Rally Creation process, you can opt in to the Fan Page after you've chosen a Rally Duration date.

2. By checking the opt in box, you will be able to accept contributions for as long as you want after your Rally deadline.

3. You may not add swag to a Fan Page. If you offered swag during your Rally campaign, it will not be available on the Fan Page. 

4. NOTE: You can opt in or opt out of the Fan Page at any point when your Rally is in draft or active mode.

- Login and click to Edit on your Rally and go to the Details tab.


How do I take advantage of the Fan Page?

Update your Boosters & grow your support: The Updates tab on your Rally is one of the most powerful tools to keep Boosters involved in your journey. Post updates, share photos, provide milestones through the course of your year. Keep them engaged and they may contribute again or help you by spreading the word. All Updates you post are automatically emailed to your Boosters.