Nonprofit? Your boosters' contributions can be tax deductible

Are RallyMe contributions tax-deductible in the U.S.?

Do you have a 501c3 or have access to a U.S. certified nonprofit that is willing to accept contributions on your behalf? If so, contributions made through your campaign can be tax-deductible for your supporters. 

How do I take advantage of my nonprofit status?

  • First, login and click to Edit on your Rally and go to the Nonprofit tab.
  • Opt-in, and fill out the necessary Tax ID number and relevant contact information. 
  • The bank account information provided on the Funding tab MUST be owned by the nonprofit. Also, the personal verification information on the Funding tab MUST be that of an official member of the nonprofit – such as a board member, finance director, president, treasurer, etc.

    Do my donors get a tax receipt?

Yes! Once a Booster contributes, they receive an online (and emailed) payment confirmation with the necessary information tax receipt information.