Bus With Us?

Last weekend, as the scheduled jamboree weekend in Denver for the U14 girls hockey team drew closer, the calls started coming. 

"Are we really going to do this, coach?" Asked one mom. 

"The roads are going to be insane", said a dad. This is just not safe.

A snowstorm was moving in and the prospect of driving from Salt Lake City, across Wyoming, or even over Soldier Summit and Vail Pass and the Eisenhower Tunnel (depending on the route chosen), became more grim by the hour. I said that each family should make their own decision regarding the safety and strain of making the trip. The storm did not relent — rain turned to snow, and then it got heavy — but our hockey families did not back down either. Every one of them made the trip, jumping in cars and pickups and intrepidly heading out. Some spent two days driving across Wyoming, others logged 11 and 12 hours of windshield time to get to the Mile High City. Thankfully, everyone arrived safely.



We had a great weekend in Denver — the girls wen’t 4-0 and we caught a D1 Denver University hockey game — but when it was time to drive home, just 36 hours after arriving, most of us faced the same nasty road conditions that we’d hoped we’d put behind us. During the 11-hour drive, most of it through snow- and ice-covered roads, I wondered about a better way. How about booking a bus? I thought. Not only would it be a whole lot safer, but the kids would have a great time. The rates looked to be about $1500 each way for a 47 passenger bus from Salt Lake to Denver, but the idea of throwing $3000 on my credit card didn’t seem appealing (even though I’m cure I could collect from each family). 

What if, I wondered, we created a Rally on RallyMe to collect the money for the bus rental? Each family could throw in $200 and cover the expense. The money collected would go straight to the bus company, and the trip would not be booked until the full amount was collected?

Would that be something useful? What do you think? Would you use it? 

If you come, we will build it….