New Rally Replication Feature

We are excited to announce the new Rally Replication feature. This is a powerful new tool allows you to replicate or copy your existing Draft Rally, Live Rally or an Ended Rally. The tool automatically transfers all of your content and photos to a brand new Rally, saving you time and getting you up and running with a new campaign in no time.

This new tool is great for anyone running annual campaigns or those who want to run multiple campaigns at the same time.  

how it works:

After logging in, navigate to My Rallies under the My Account iconOnce here, you will notice a new green button next the blue Edit button.


Clicking this will pull up a dialogue window.


Your new Rally will contain duplicates of the Basics, Details and Story tabs. You still have the option to edit any of this information at any time. You will need to re-enter your bank account information on the Funding tab and update the Roster and Swag tab if applicable. That information will not be replicated.


This tool is handy for clubs or schools that want to run separate Rallies for different teams. Now instead of having to copy and paste all of the same information into many new Rallies, you can create and replicate for each team.