59 Boosters Help Skier Raise $23,600 to Stay on Track

At just 19, US Men’s Alpine Team member AJ Ginnis was close to calling it quits on his promising career. This spring he happily found out he'd been selected for the team, as he was the top-ranked U21 skier in the US for Slalom and Giant Slalom.

But he needed $25,000 to help offset the expenses he would take on by competing on the 2014-15 Europa Cup. AJ's the kind of guy everyone wants to know - to be friends with. He's smart, professional, kind, exacting, and fun. He admittedly was unsure whether he wanted to put himself — and his story — out there for public consumption and ask his friends, family and supporters to join his team and help him crowdfund his season. But he did it. AJ launched a RallyMe campaign in mid-July and within two weeks had raised over 80 percent of his $25,000 goal.

He made a compelling video, offered cool swag in exchange for Boosts, and has done a great job thanking his supporters and promoting his RallyMe campaign. He recently returned from a successful training camp in New Zealand and is busy in the gym and working part-time to prepare for the upcoming season. Thanks to 59 Boosters who joined his team, AJ's still got a great career in his sights.

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