A Great Place to Crowdfund Your Sports Business

When we started RallyMe, we knew that once we established communities of users -- skiers and snowboarders, cyclists, climbers, wrestlers, rowers, golfers, tennis players, hockey players, baseball players, etc. -- the RallyMe platform would be a great place for people with businesses to provide goods or services to serve those users. Crowdfunding relies on passionate communities of likeminded individuals and few subjects incite more passionate community support than sports. So, we talked about it among ourselves and thought, "Hey, when we get there, that will be cool," and then we kinda forgot about it and worked to serve athletes, teams, and organizations.

Well, it appears that we're there and we've been reminded that RallyMe is a great place to crowdfund your sports business by two recent Rallies:

Timothy Shelton raised more than $20,000 to re-engineer and fabricate a portable punching bag, while Melanie Webb has launched a Rally to expand her successful Wellness/Adventure Guide Service into a training and certification program. Melanie has already raised more than 80% of her goal.

The success of these two Rallies has us looking for more. Know anyone with a sports-related business? Send them our way.

We will connect them with a community of likeminded individuals (many with a penchant for contributing to burgeoning successes). If you send someone our way, leave us a comment with your email address in it and when they go live, we will send you a sweet RallyMe hat.