Got Swag?

Did you know that RallyMe has full eCommerce integration? This means that you have the ability to give back to your supporters. This can be something as simple as a personalized shout-out on social media, or something larger, like gear, a product you design, or a service such as lessons.

We also offer the ability to include swag options, such as size and color. You can create what is known as a stock keeping unit, or SKU. This provides you with an excellent tool for tracking and processing inventory.

This is great for teams that want to offer t-shirts or jerseys. We also make it simple to download the product and shipping information for all of your supporters so you can easily fulfill the orders.

Tip: When setting up your swag amounts, don’t forget to factor the cost of shipping and handling into the amount.

You can also use the swag option as a way to collect team fees.

Get creative! The swag option is a powerful tool you can use to drum up support, and make your supporters a part of your team!