Athlete Event Fundraiser Doubles its Raise

"All clubs should check out RallyMe for fundraising opportunities!" says Brian Krill, United States Ski and Snowboard Association Club Development Manger. In Gold, the weekly USSA newsletter, Krill relates the success story of the Women's Ski Jumping USA Rally, which exceeded its $25,000 goal to raise $32,000.

We couldn't agree more, Brian. Athlete fundraising, especially well its skillfully combined with an event as Women's Ski Jumping USA did, is a potent tool in any organization's arsenal. But Brian's story only tells half of the story. The other half is the real kicker. About fifty percent of the funds that Women's Ski Jumping USA raised were from people who DIDN'T attend the event. In essence, the smart folks of WSJUSA took their event outside the room. Suddenly people from all over the world were able to participate in the event and show their support without flying to Park City to attend the event.

The recipe for success?

1. Make a stirring video that elicits and emotional response. The women ski jumpers did a great job of this.

2. Sell your event tickets through your Rally on RallyMe.

3. Offer Internet-only perks at different price points. The ski jumpers offered a massive, one-of-a-kind cow bell for $2000. It sold in a matter of hours. They also offered unique swag at the $50, $75, and $125  levels. They also offered a fill-in-the

4. Send repeated email invitations to participate in the event to its entire data base. These should count down to the event.

5. Facebook and Tweet it.

The title of the Rally was Soar With Us Into History. Thank you to those ski jumpers for making RallyMe history, and laying out the flight plan for other teams and organizations!