Athlete's Funding Rally Connects with Father's Memory

Last week John Meyer wrote a great Denver Post story about RallyMe and some of our athletes' Rallies. A guy contacted us who saw the story and recognized skeleton World Champion Katie Uhlaender's last name. He kept reading to see if this could really be the daughter of major league outfielder Ted Uhlaender.

Turns out, Katie is, and the guy who was reading it had played baseball with Katie's dad more than 40 years ago. He hadn't touched base with Ted in 15 years. In the interim, Ted died. The reader in question never got to say goodbye. Moved by Katie's story, he found a different way to say goodbye to his old pal.

He pledged to Boost Katie's  Rally by $5,000. Our own Whitney Childers called to tell Katie about the connection, and the much-needed financial good news. Whitney reports that Katie was overwhelmed. We were too. These stories make coming to work really nice.