Beyond the Bucks: Big Added Benefits of Using RallyMe

The main reason athletes, teams, and organizations sign up for RallyMe is to raise money, but increasingly we’re seeing the added benefits of running a Rally may be as important as the short term financial assistance. Launching and running a successful Rally is an effective way to broadcast your intentions to the world. We’re seeing the world respond in different and unexpected ways.

• Sponsorship. So far, several of the athletes who’ve run Rallies on RallyMe have used it to introduce themselves to potential sponsors. We’re told that sponsors like the fact that the athlete is not just sitting around and saying, Hey Big Company Dude, gimme some money. The initiative that it takes to run a Rally is apparently what a sponsor hopes an athlete will show for its product. In one case the sponsor did a matching grant on RallyMe as a first step in a longer-term relationship with the athlete. Now they are talking about buying her head gear space for next season. So, aspiring athlete, run a successful Rally and then send it to your potential sponsor. Sure shows gumption.

• Confidence and Motivation. More than one athlete has mentioned that running a Rally makes them feel like they have a small army of supporters behind them. They report that this motivates them toward working harder and performing for the group, not just themselves. Ski jumper Abby Hughes recently sent this message to her Boosters: I had a goal set for this winter to make the Nordic Ski World Championships team-and I did! I truly believe that your contributions and support have boosted my confidence and motivation. I have never believed in myself more than I do right now. 

• Media Exposure. This week we were contacted by the San Diego Union Tribune about one of our Rallies. The writer learned about the athlete by looking at her Rally. Now, she’s preparing a major feature story on her (we'll feature it when it runs).

• New Respect. Two of our athletes have told us that people are now talking to them in a different way. One of our Ralliers, who wished to remain anonymous, told us this: I’ve had people who’ve seen my RallyMe page coming up to me and saying, “Wow, that was brilliant what you did to raise money. That was really smart,” which of course made me feel good.