Former Marine Goes from Tragedy to Triumph

After losing his lower leg in a car accident,  Nik Miller found the sport of kayaking. Getting in the water and being able to paddle filled a void that Nik had struggled with since the accident. But just paddling around wouldn't be enough for the former Marine. In February of 2012 he raced in his first race ... in a rental boat. Less than a year and a half later, he's headed to Germany to represent his country at the Paracanoe World Championships. has this profile of Nik that tells a story of determination and grit.

His Rally on RallyMe also tells a story. This one is a story of inspiration. It must've been difficult for Nik to ask for support to go to World Championships, but he did it, and did it well. And, as we've seen happen so often on RallyMe, his network responded. In just 11 days he's already raised 80 percent of his goal. It's inspiring to see that Semper Fi goes both ways.

We feel bad for whomever has to race against this guy in Germany next month.