How A Great Youth Soccer Mom Raises Money and Says Thanks!

One of my weaknesses in my current role at RallyMe is that I frequently get caught up in the goals of our Ralliers. This is a problem because:

1. I often contribute to too many Rallies (risking being like the guy who works at the sporting good store and comes home with a negative paycheck, but lots of really cool gear).

2. I often get dumped. Yep. That's what I said, dumped. I see a new Rally pop up on our platform that looks interesting, I read the description, watch the video, and often contribute to their Rally. I get an automated thank you from our system (even though we built it and I know that it's just an algorithm talking to me, I still get a momentary warm feeling).  

But when I never hear a word back from the Rallier, I feel dumped. Or duped. I don't feel warm any more. I feel like I pee-ed in my pants to create warmth, but that feeling quickly gave way to a stinky shivering. And I'm just some stranger who believed in them. Imagine how their friends and family feel when they give funds and never hear anything back? Dumped. Duped. Pants-peed.

The solution to this is really easy and it comes in two steps:

1. Say thank you in a personal email, Facebook or Twitter shoutout, in person or on the phone. This is your chance to share some real warmth, which will probably make me feel like supporting you again in the future.

2. Send a note later to tell me how it went (did you make it to State? How was the summer sports camp?). I don't want to know everything about your life, but I'd love to hear how this one sporting endeavor turned out. Even if it wasn't what you'd hoped for.

Here is a note that I got today from Kim Balthazar Fetsko, a girl's youth soccer team mom, that does a great job of of #1., making me feel glad that I took an interest in her daughter's Rally:

Hi Bill,

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for supporting Ione's Rally. It means so much & we are touched by your generosity!

I appreciate the sporting specific platform you created to help athletes like our daughter get a little bit closer to their goals. She's working hard and is so excited for her upcoming opportunities!

Your swag will be sent very soon. I'll send an email letting you know it's shipped.

Thanks again!

Kym (Ione's mom)

In my next blog, I'll relate an similarly impressive note that I received from a young athlete who was unable to raise enough money on RallyMe to achieve his goal, and what he is doing about it.