How Do I Update My Boosters?

Want to know how to keep your Boosters updated? Keep it simple. Keep it honest. Make it personal, and positive. Click on the Update tab of this Rally and watch how a 16-year-old kid from Wyoming does it.

Here's his latest:

"I have received a flurry of boosts since the beginning of November.  I would like to send a shout out to the following boosters. "Oldmanonabike", Dermot Hayes, Meg Halford, Jim & Sue Pie, The Tormeys, Margi Shcroth & HF Bar Ranch, Tim Ruppert and Bill Kerig.  You all rock!!  I have been working hard on school (All As and one B+) and at practice.  This week we will have practice on M-W-F and have games scheduled for T & Th . . . alot of hockey this week and that makes me happy!!  Next week I will be able to go home to visit my family over Thanksgiving.  I will be giving "Thanks" to all of you for helping me out!!"