Lindsey Van's Rally Offers Blueprint for Success

Ski jumper Lindsey Van closed out her Rally this week, exceeding her goal by more than $7000. So how did she do it? Well, she focused on her strengths.

Facebook. Knowing she had a strong international Facebook following, Lindsey focused on posting Facebook asks and updates. In her updates, she thanked everyone who had contributed to her Rally since her last thank-you message, and then she tagged every one of them. This brought numbers to her Rally -- the analytics show huge spikes -- and from the numbers came boosts.

Timing. She timed her Facebook posts for between 6 and 8am on weekday mornings, so that they'd be at the top of people's morning news feed. This also proved to be smart. The numbers don't lie.

RallyMe logo. Before her Rally began, Lindsey asked us for RallyMe stickers. We sent her a handful. She put one on the front of her helmet, which read clearly every time a camera crew did a close up up her on the bar (before her competition jumps). Lindsey competes on the World Cup, which is televised around the world. Having the logo front and center drove traffic to her Rally, and from that traffic, came boosts.

Matching Grant. Lindsey found a matching grant from a photographic accessories company called Black Rapid that was inspired by her story. Black Rapid agreed to match every contribution made, up to her goal of $13K. Black Rapid also used its social media presence to spread the word about Lindsey's Rally.

There are many other techniques that Lindsey could've used -- reaching out to the many bloggers and media outlets that had covered her in the past, Twitter, Tumblr, Pintrest, direct emails to her circle of family and friends, for example -- but as she ran her Rally while competing all over the world, she chose to focus only on a few strategies that she figured would give her maximum results for minimum time spent.

Smart gal. Congratulations, Lindsey. You were Rally No. 1 for RallyMe and as you've done in so much of your life, you blazed a trail for success.