Lolo Jones Sheds Light On Olympic and Amateur Sports Pay Scale

Two days ago, Lolo Jones unleashed a fury on social media by mocking the US Bobsled Federation's measly $741 check. Unfortunately the fury was aimed at Jones, who was merely the canary in the coal mine of Olympic and amateur sports.

What we should all be furious about is that our nation's top athletes need to dig themselves deep debt holes merely for the chance to represent the United States of America at the Olympics. Financed by $11-an-hour jobs, second mortgages, and depleted family savings accounts, our country sends our nation's most promising athletes into the competitive arena against fully funded athletes from other nations. Which is where RallyMe comes in.

RallyMe is the answer for Jones and her fellow athletes. We've adapted the Internet's hottest trend -- crowdfunding -- to help world class athletes (like Lolo Jones and her bobsled teammates) reach the Sochi Games. RallyMe has already partnered with the US Bobsled/Skeleton Federation, as well as the Untied States Ski and Snowboard Association, USA Ski Jumping and Women's Ski Jumping USA. Ski jumping World Champion Lindsey Van recently raised nearly $21,000 on RallyMe to finance her Sochi dreams. And today, the first US Team Bobsledder, Greg West, has launched his Rally. Perhaps now the fury and be turned to funding for Lolo's teammates and every other athlete who dreams or speeding into the big time.