Olympic speed skater Aly Dudek seeks RallyMe Support

When you're flying into tight corners at 30 miles an hour with foot-long razor blades flashing all around you, you get in the habit of thinking fast. Today Olympic short track speedskater Aly Dudek showed us that she can think slowly and thoroughly as well.

Her Rally has come out of the blocks with the all the hallmarks of a patient, planned marathon, rather than a furious sprint. Her media outreach, and the story that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran, shows the poise and confidence that one would expect from a Olympic veteran, and bronze medalist in the 3,000 meter relay.

A couple of quotes that I really like:

It's not just, 'Give me money.' That's not the point. It's more, 'Let's get a team together and start this rally.'

"We're looking to the goodness and generosity of the public. I think it's a great way to get people more involved on a personal level and see how far we can get."

Let's hope that is all the way to a podium in Sochi.