Post Launch

Rolling into the relaxation of the weekend, and finally, a day when I can sleep in. But it's not to be. I lay in bed until 7, and then have to get up and check on RallyMe. I do, and it's working! Athletes are raising money, Lindsey Van taking the early lead. This is only appropriate because it was making the film about Lindsey and her teammates (Ready To Fly) that brought me to the vision of RallyMe. I check my email and see one from the Banff Film Festival. Ready To Fly has won Best Feature Film and would I like to fly and accept the award? This is terrific news for the whole Ready To Fly team (some of whom have become the RallyMe team - most significantly, the multi-talented Whitney Childers). I am so tired that I tell myself I'll just email some remarks up to Banff and having the presenter read them to the audience.

I get my son up for his hockey game and while driving him there, I call Whitney. By the time I get to the rink, I've decided I've got to Banff. After coaching my second hockey game of the day, I book the ticket and pack my bags.