Use Updates Tab to Keep Boosters Engaged and Gain More Support


Updating your support network over the course of your Rally campaign is one of the most important things you can do.

Login to your Rally, click the Updates tab and thank Boosters, upload photos and provide updates about you or the team. Share milestones in your Rally campaign. Ask them to share your Rally. Use the Updates to make announcements.

The more interactive you are with your Boosters the greater chance they will Boost again AND share the campaign to their network.

How often should you Update?

Mid-campaign you may experience a natural lull in contributions. That's OK! You can use the updates tab to reignite the campaign by engaging and motivating your supporters.

Post an update once a week during short campaigns and every other week during long campaigns.

Updates will automatically be emailed to your Boosters AND the latest update will appear on your Rally campaign page. You also can choose to post the update to your Facebook wall.