Rally Up - Facing the Go-Live Moment

You’ve done all the training, worked hard in practice, strived in competition, and you’ve created a dream for athletic success. Now, it’s time to take another MAJOR step toward achieving your athletic dream: time to take hold of the reins and finance your dream.

So here, right up front, let’s get the hardest part out of the way. The hardest thing that you will do in conceiving your Rally, launching it, and then following through is the part you need to do right now. You won’t work up a sweat doing this; you won’t even have to get out of your chair. But it’s still the hardest thing you will do, and it’s all in your mind.

If you’re here, contemplating this step in your journey, you’re already a successful person. You’re disciplined, you’re driven, and you know how to succeed. But we get it; you don’t want to appear needy, pathetic, or uncool.

You know what’s pathetic and uncool? — People who give up their dreams because they don’t want to risk embarrassment. A ship is safe in the harbor, right? But that’s not what a ship is for. To stretch the metaphor a bit further, even though there’s one captain, it takes a crew to sail a ship. Today, right now, it’s time to add to your crew.

Take a minute and do an assessment of your situation. Did you get to where you are without any help? Family, friends, coaches, teachers… Were there people who helped you along the way? Yeah, there were. In this world, nobody rides alone.

Let’s focus on a mindset of inclusion. Winners win together. You need to believe the following: My family, friends, and fans want me to win, and they want to share my dream. By welcoming them to be part of my journey, I enrich their lives and vice versa. Once you commit to this idea — not just kinda commit, but really commit, fully and completely — then the rest of this program is going to be easy.