RallyMe in Powder Magazine Feels Special

I'm not sure if the first magazine I ever read was Powder or Mad magazine, but the juxtaposition tells you how far back I go with Powder magazine. More than any other magazine, Powder may have been responsible for my mis-spent youth. I remember reading Powder with my junior high ski buddy, Steve Sawyer, and arguing over whether the sky in the West could really be that blue, or if they'd somehow painted the photos (long before Photoshop). Regardless, to a couple of kids in suburban Boston, the images were captivating, and later, the words too.

While still in my teens I not only idolized the skiers I found in the pages of Powder, but also the writers. Lito Tejada-Flores and Tim Petrick were my heroes. Sawyer and I would take sides and advance the arguments started in the Lito/Petrick point/counterpoint feature. Yes, I actually held writers in that high a regard. Seems quaint now, don't it?

When, with a newly minted college diploma in my hand, I left the East Coast for a dishwashing job at Snowbird, I was living out a fantasy born in the pages of Powder. Later in life I was thrilled to meet Lito and Petrick (Lito got me my first feature story assignment for Ski and I had the pleasure of interviewing and writing a story about Petrick). As the years wound on, I was able to write a few stories for Powder, in the Casimiro era, and to appear in a handful of photos in the mag. (some shot by Lito's wife).

So, it was with great pleasure that I recently took at call from Mychaela Nickoloff, a writer who was doing a story for Powder. Though I tried my best not to bore her socks off with sepia-toned memories, I'm sure I failed. Nonetheless, she wrote a great story about our company, RallyMe.  It may not be the New York Times, but for a guy whose long and twisty trail began in the pages of Powder, it kinda felt like coming home. When she did a great job of it, the whole thing came together.