RallyMe is First Tech Company Supported by SLC Corporation

RallyMe Inc. and the Salt Lake City Economic Development Division today announced a partnership to enhance the positive impact of technology companies in Salt Lake City. RallyMe is the first technology company that the Economic Development Division has supported with its Revolving Loan Fund.

“We are thrilled to be working with Salt Lake City and its Economic Development Division,” said RallyMe founder and CEO Bill Kerig. “We live, work, and believe in Salt Lake City.”

RallyMe Inc. provides its users with the platform, software, and services needed to create their own fundraising pages, market to their network, collect funds, and keep their contributors updated. The software was developed and honed through partnerships with the US Ski Team, USA Cycling, US Rowing, and 20 other national teams and national governing bodies of sport.

“As part of a recent economic development study, Salt Lake identified a need for the city to become a growing center for technology,” said Suzanne Gillis, of the SLC Economic Development Division.

“Salt Lake City Corporation supports businesses like RallyMe, because this company will help to create a culture of technologic innovation, will generate quality jobs, and will help build a resilient and diverse economy in Salt Lake.”

In three years since its launch, RallyMe, Inc. has become the world’s leading online sports fundraising platform. Now it’s offering the platform’s software to any team (youth to adult), athlete, or sports organization that needs to raise funds for any athletic endeavor or cause.

“We developed our platform by working with the highest-performing athletes and the most respected organizations in the world,” said Kerig. “Now we’re bringing the platform to every level of sports. RallyMe’s mission is to help get and keep young people in sports.”

A combination of the rising cost of participation in sports, and diminished school and community sports budgets, has created an adverse and unhealthy shift toward sedentary, non-sporting lifestyles. According to the National Sporting Goods Association, 40 million young people play sports, but seven out of 10 leave their sport by high school. The cost of participation in sports is cited as a main contributor in this decision. RallyMe is helping to address this problem by helping teams, organizations, and individual athletes raise money online.


About the Salt Lake City Economic Development Loan Fund The purpose is to create job opportunities, stimulate business development and expansion, encourage private investment, promote economic development, and enhance neighborhood vitality in Salt Lake City by making loans available to businesses that meet city goals. Learn more.

About RallyMe RallyMe is the leader in online sports fundraising. RallyMe has partnered with over 24 National Governing Bodies and top sports organizations across the globe to help athletes, teams and organizations raise the funds they need to train and compete. The platform is safe, secure and provides sophisticated tools and templates to help athletes and organizations raise funds through their personal and social media networks. CNBC called RallyMe the “gold medal standard” for athlete crowdfunding. Learn more at http://rallyme.com.