RallyMe is up and running

RallyMe is up and running - perfectly -- but now the problem is the home page image. Scott says the app is a Ferrari but due to the homepage image, which happens to be my kids with the Stanley Cup, makes it look like a Pinto. I'm driving my motorcycle in to work with the headphones in, talking to him inside my helmet. And now I crack. Suddenly, I'm swearing up a storm. Find me a good f@$#ing image, that's reasonably priced, and we'll put it up there. It's not that I need my kids mugs on the homepage, it's that I haven't seen anything that's worth paying for! Why do I snap now? Who knows? Maybe it's good to have a team member who's 3000 miles away...

An hour later. Ruppert and I have narrowed it down to a handful of images. Investor Kim Brown comes in to see what her money has bought. Is that fear in her eyes as she looks us over, the haggard, bleary-eyed team? We can't come close to agreement on the homepage image. Battle lines are drawn like the Maginot Line. Kim, however, is fresh. The solution is obvious: she will choose the image.

She goes with this shot of a Notre Dame football game. "I like the crowd in the shot, she says, and isn't this whole thing about succeeding with the crowd?"


Damn, she's got a point. And the fact that it's the Fighting Irish sure works for me. Not that I'm a huge Notre Dame fan, it's just that, well, I'm a Mick from Boston.

It's the final touch. As soon as I see it, I know this is a winner. Now it's time to Facebook the thing:

RallyMe is up and running! Athletes, teams, and organizations are all raising money. After two years of working and talking about it, this is a really cool day for me. RallyMe