RallyMe Presentation at X-Dance

Ruppert and I give a RallyMe presentation to a small group of action sports filmmakers and athletes at the X-Dance Film Festival. Whitney films it. I've adapted my investor PowerPoint to make it young-dude, filmmaker friendly. I included a bunch of videos and in the end we do a fine job.

Steve Fisher, the filmmaker of Congo, what looks to be the most popular film of the festival, asks how he can possibly reach out his hand and ask for money when he has Red Bull sponsoring his film. As I know that not much of the sponsor money will be finding the bottom of his pockets, I give him the best most thoughtful answer I can. It's not about putting your hand out, it's about inviting people to go on the journey with you. It's about sharing your success with them and building your audience, your team of trusted supporters.

And, Steve, you have a lot to offer, not least of which is a copy of your last film and an advance copy of your next one. So it's really all about pre-sales> he asks. Exactly! He's a good and thoughtful guy, and I immediately like him, but I doubt I've persuaded him. When we set off down this road, I thought that the inability to make videos would be the greatest challenge for athletes. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe it's the mental shift of allowing themselves to allow others into their dream... how can we help people help themselves? The question floats around in my mind...

Later that night, I accept the award for Best Biography for Ready To Fly. We're getting awards for telling stories about athletes. RallyMe depends upon athletes telling good stories about themselves.

Steve's question keeps coming back to me. He's a storyteller who's making a living selling stories, not the least of which is his own. And he's asking how the idea of crowdfunding can fit into his overall narrative. He's building a persona that will carry him through and wondering aloud how that persona can ask for help and still be cool. Perhaps this is an area we need to focus more on. How can we help this transition?