RallyMe Scores For Athletes and Teams in Russia

As the world moves on from Sochi, we at RallyMe feel like we are just coming down from our high as well. The Games brought us recognition and rewards, but most of all awarded us a golden sense of pride. Here's a brief look: • RallyMe helped 102 hopefuls raise money to get their chance at the Games.

• 28 RallyMe athletes made their respective teams, raised money on RallyMe, and shined in Russia.

• 5 National Teams raised money for the Sochi effort on RallyMe.

• RallyMe athletes and their teams raised $350,000 for their effort, making Sochi the first ever crowdfunded winter games.

• After she raised money and support on RallyMe, the world got to know Heidi Kloser, who blew her knee in training and asked her Dad if she is still an Olympian. That one brought tears to my eyes (especially since I first met Heidi when she was in diapers).

• RallyMe Athletes Elana Meyers, Jamie Greubel, Kim Lamarre, and Chris Creveling won medals. That's right, these RallyMe crowdfunded athletes were the best in the world.

• Gold medalist Ted Ligety is still raising money for his team on RallyMe. He made mention of the effort last night on Letterman.

• Bronze medalist Julia Mancuso is still raising money for her team on RallyMe.

• RallyMe skeleton athlete Katie Uhlaender got to share her story about her major-league baseball playing Dad, and how he inspired her to push to the top.

• Skaters Jessica Smith, Brittany Bowe, and Aly Dudek converted our household into speed skating aficionados.

• The US Ski and Snowboard Team brought us a Rally that featured the fully authorized use of the Olympic Rings during the Games. Okay, this is a bit inside-baseball, but take my word for it, that's a big deal.

• Slate called RallyMe snowboader Justin Reiter The Saddest Olympian at the Games. I don't think he's so sad, especially since the resulting exposure raised another $7000 for him (on top of the $10,000 he'd already raised). His Rally was also Boosted by rockstar Courtney Love. Yeah, that Courtney Love.

• RallyMe was featured in stories in the following news outlets:  CNBCNPR,Washington PostThe LA TimesThe Chicago TribuneUSA TodayNBCABCBloombergNY Times

• CNBC called RallyMe the "Gold Medal Standard in Crowdfunding." We liked that so much that we made it our new tagline.


• And maybe the coolest of all, Stephen Colbert got his Colbert Nation behind US Speedskating's Sochi and Beyond Rally. He even showed the Blade In USA T-shirt on his show. The resulting Rally brought US Speedskating more than 2000 new donors in less than 2 weeks, and has raised more than $60,000.

Already we're seeing lots of new Rallies pouring in. Some are already raising money for Rio...

I just spotted one that has this for a headline: Dash To Pyeongchang.

I like that. It's got a certain ring to it.