RallyMe tops list of best crowdfunding sites for athletes

Leading crowdfunding expert Zack Miller just put RallyMe on the top of his list of best crowdfunding sites for athletes. We're not surprised. After all, in just over a year we've helped athletes, teams and organizations raise $1.4 million. This includes 28 athletes from the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi - five of whom medaled.

RallyMe's also been featured on top crowdfunding information sites such as The Crowdfunding Guide and Crowdfund Insider. Here's what the CF Guide had to say about us:

  • The RallyMe site has a wealth of information about how best to create and promote a campaign. The information provided is detailed, specific, and exhaustive—a great thing for those new to crowdfunding.

We're stoked about that. But what makes us even more giddy  — Tiger Woods-like fist pumping — is when we help athletes and teams raise the funds they need to live their dreams. Take for example young ice skaters like Viola Smitman who's seeking $1,000 for Nationals to Olympic hopefuls like Solvig Sayre, who's raising $5,000 to make it to Rio in windsurfing. We've got every sport-minded soul covered!

Happy Friday people.