Russian Blogger Shocked US Athletes Need Funds

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The blogger seems shocked that not every athlete is sponsored by the state.

Thanks to Google Translation for the words and the laughable gaffs:

Give Money To Win 

By Gennady Zavolokin 

DECEMBER 26, 13:42 



European and American athletes often resort to a special kraudfandingovoy platform to raise money for the tournament.

In February 2014 Sochi will host the Olympic Games. Dream of going there not only millions of sports fans and a number of gay men, but the athletes themselves. As practice shows, this little show high sports results - or rather, to reach these heights without sponsors is almost impossible. Equipment, accessories, room rental, individual job coaches, quality nutrition and pharmacology - a lot of it in the capitalist world  athletes have to

pay for it

 themselves: out of pocket and / or attracting sponsors.

For Russian athletes, the heirs of the Soviet system of training, it is difficult to understand what is required to earn a sport itself. Even top athletes do it abroad. Naturally, with varying degrees of success. 

One example of sites to raise money for the continuation of his sports career is a platform

A striking example: Allison Dudek, Olympic bronze medalist in Vancouver (short track). It is safe to say that such a result would provide the Russian representative of the sport four years normal operation before the Games in Sochi and the Ministry of Sports in the work book - no worries about the gear and daily bread.

But in the U.S. do not really taken to professional sport live on taxpayers' money (at least 100 per cent).

"Hello! So, straight to the point: I am a skater with a stunning dream! I won bronze Olympic Games in Vancouver and train to repeat the success of the Olympic Games in Sochi! I need money to pay the costs of training. I train 6.5 days a week, 8 hours a day. This is my full time job. Meaning of each dollar. Let us come together and see what we can achieve together!"

For 66 days until the end of the application it has collected only 3000 U.S. $. It is only 23% of the claimed 15,000.

Another athlete, Jamie Grubel, was more a request. In addition to the story about herself, she outlined the price list and added clip, filmed during a trip to the bean in the first person.

Like all athletes lovers, my income is not comparable to what professionals earn. The last five seasons, I was forced to work as a waitress I to pay for his Olympic dream. But be on your feet after a workout another eight hours instead of rest - not the most ideal …

What Grubel supposed to spend money earned: 6000 dollars - new blades, $ 350 - ice and running spikes, $ 500 - training grounds, 1000 dollars - nutritional supplements, $ 300 - Tools and Supplies, 1050 U.S. - visiting a chiropractor and massage therapist. Traveled to Calgary for the national championship in 4000 costing dollars (flight, car rental, lodging, food, gym and payment of ice), the same amount needed for 2-week trip to Park City on charges.

Despite a well-designed application, interesting video and, most importantly, good athletic performance, Jamie gained only 3000 $.

While Grubel - winner of the national championship, winner of the World Cup and shows results that are higher than, for example, the representatives of the Russian women's team.

Another example, with a happy ending. Canadian Madison Charney did not need a large sum of money, but its application is turned into an attraction of unprecedented generosity, playing among donors cash bonuses, guitar lesson, autographs of athletes and more.

She had to 3500 dollars, and three days before the expiry of the application it has gathered more than 555 dollars. Seeing it uncomplicated and therefore especially touching video, I want to help her "stay on top", although the best results in charming Canadians just ahead.

In developed markets, the state allocates the basic costs

of training athletes

 to the athletes to earn it themselves.

Funky translation notwithstanding, I think Grennady was trying to say that it's pretty strange that top level athletes are not sponsored by the state, but it's cool that RallyMe is there to help. At least that's how I read it...