The Pitch

I'm handing out RallyMe cards in the shuttle to Calgary, pitching to filmmakers and athletes alike. This is the future of independently produced sports documentaries, I say. Skeptical replies. I'm still talking when we hit customs. Between verbal barrages, I listen and take note.

The thing that I keep hearing, over and over, is but if I ask for help and support, I won't be cool. Hmmm, I have to think about this one. I land in SLC just in time to go to a West Side Chilis and meet with the Utah State Hockey Board. Whitney joins us in time to get an order of nachos in. My steak comes, and it tastes like salted hockey glove. The worst steak I've ever eaten. Still, I pick up the tab for 8 in hopes that when we go next door to the Maverik Center boardroom they will feel obliged to listed to me.

Whitney and I pitch them on RallyMe, kicking off with: We're here to solve your biggest long-term problem. Their raised eyebrows say, Really? Yes, really. Kids quit ice hockey or never start playing because it costs too much money. Here's a way for teams, organizations, and athletes to defray some of that cost. They're interested. I show them videos of Utah Special Needs Hockey Team. They like the video. Maybe too much.

The service is great, says one of the board members, and I can see how it would work, but does your service make the videos for us? I wouldn't know how to do that. Still, Fred Wilner, the chairman, has an idea for some people who he'd like to share the platform with. These are teams that are selling candy bars and cookie dough, just like I did when I was a kid. We're offering a better way, if only we can get them to see it.