Slider Shares Advice on Closing Strong

Skeleton athlete Blair Tomten recently finished her first Rally on Rally Me. She sent us this note to share her strategy for closing strong.

I knew there were many people who wanted to join my campaign and contribute, but hadn't done it yet - maybe procrastinated or had been very busy. The last 2-3 days of my Rally I started sending out emails to people letting them know my Rally was about to conclude and let them know the sense of urgency that I hadn't reached my goal yet. I also did the same thing on Facebook and reminded people of the cool swag I was offering. I was nervous to reach out to people again, but when they all started contributing, I realized they really were behind me and just needed that extra umph and reminder to contribute. I ended up getting nearly 30 percent of my total on the last couple days of my Rally. 

The other really cool thing was that I was able to reconnect with people from my hometown and childhood friends - well over 75 percent of the people who contributed to my Rally were from my younger years and my hometown of Eau Claire, Wisc.. Also - the day before my Rally ended, I had a small gathering at my workplace and so many people there generously supported my Rally - everyone did it at once. It was really cool.

The big thing I learned was that family members, friends and others aren't just sending me money, they are contributing to my success. They are giving me even more reason to strive to succeed. I'm doing it for them, too.