USA Climbing, RallyMe Partner to help TEAM athletes

USA Climbing and RallyMe have launched “USA Climbing Crowdfunding”, a groundbreaking funding platform exclusively for all of USA Climbing’s TEAMs. The website,, is the next step in the organization’s dedication to provide more state-of-the-art tools, programs and funding resources for its TEAM.

“Like most U.S. National Governing Bodies, one of our biggest challenges has been finding ways to adequately support our elite athletes in their international competition endeavors,” said Kynan Waggoner, CEO of USA Climbing, NGB for the sport of competition climbing in the U.S.

“By partnering with RallyMe to utilize their No.1-ranked platform, we are able to position our incredibly talented athletes alongside team members from many other NGB’s in the U.S., all of whom are working to fund their dreams,” Waggoner said.

USA Climbing TEAM athletes will use the platform to raise money for a multitude of purposes: travel costs, training camps, events etc. all with the end goal of supporting participation in international competition.

“Climbing is a fast-growing sport in the U.S. with fans who want to see these top athletes succeed. will be the venue to connect and empower the climbing community,” said Bill Kerig, RallyMe Founder and CEO. “USA Climbing has taken a crucial step in leading the evolution of sports crowdfunding.”

How It Works: Each TEAM athlete develops his or her personal Rally campaign, promoted through USA Climbing’s platform. Funds raised on that Rally go directly to the TEAM athlete. Crowdfunding is a fancy term for asking a lot of people for a small amount of support to achieve a clearly stated goal.

How Fans Can Help: Supporters can help by going to and choosing a TEAM athlete in which to pledge their support.


About USA Climbing

USA Climbing is the United States National Governing Body for the sport of competition climbing. The organization manages the disciplines of Bouldering, Lead and Speed Climbing as well as Adaptive and Collegiate programming, along with hosting National Championships for each of the above listed groups. It also hosts and manages the IFSC Vail Bouldering World Cup and selects athletes to participate in the IFSC’s World Cup circuit and the World Climbing and Paraclimbing Championships. For More Information Contact: USA Climbing 4909 Pearl East Circle, Suite 102 Boulder, CO 80301 303.499.0715