Use RallyMe to Collect Team Fees, Other Costs

Are you a team manager, coach, or youth sports administrator who would kill for an easier way to collect team and tournament fees? How about a way to manage choosing uniform sizes or raising money for a coach’s end-of-season gift? We know. We’re coaches too. And we’re sick of chasing down checks, opening team bank accounts to collect fees, having to navigate a youth league’s outdated payment system, and especially fronting the team’s fees on our personal credit cards.

Believe us, we feel your pain. But we’ve got a solution.

How it Works

It’s as easy as setting up a normal Rally campaign for your team, but instead of offering swag to donors, you set swag levels as specific team fees or costs. And thanks to our sophisticated merchandise cart system, you can offer uniform sizing options during check-out.

And you know what makes this processes even sweeter? The team manager or coach has access to the Rally’s downloadable payments spreadsheet that shows who has paid, how much they paid, and when. If you don’t want to display a goal amount and money raised on your Rally page, no problem. We can hide those features for you.

Here are some great examples:

And of course, you can also use your team’s Rally page as an online fundraiser for team costs that go beyond your team’s normal fees.

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