USSA, RallyMe Launch Groundbreaking Crowdfunding Platform to Help Athletes

The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, in partnership with RallyMe, announced the launch of “USSA Crowdfunding”, a groundbreaking funding platform exclusively for its member athletes. The website,, is the next step in the USSA’s dedication to provide more state-of-the-art tools and programs for its athletes, parents, teams and clubs — 95 of whom raised more than $500,000 last year on The announcement was made by RallyMe and the USSA in a digital press conference debuting the new website and kicking off a promotional push to promote its athletes’ crowdfunding efforts through the Thanksgiving holiday.


  • The USSA in partnership with RallyMe has announced the launch of “USSA Crowdfunding,” a groundbreaking funding platform exclusively for its athletes and clubs, found at
  • Why It’s Important: The partnership is designed to help USSA athletes, parents and clubs find support for vital training and travel expenses to help them achieve their athletic dreams.
  • Background: Last year, USSA athletes and teams raised more than $500,000 on to cover a variety of athletic expenses. Because of this success and USSA’s desire to provide a state-of-the-art program for its athletes in need of additional funds, the two entities worked together to create the customized crowdfunding platform.
  • Who Will Benefit? The program is designed to help athletes and parents from grassroots USSA clubs up through the national team ranks.
  • How it Works: Each athlete develops his or her personal Rally, promoted through USSA’s platform. Funds collected on that Rally go directly to the athlete.
  • How Will it be Promoted? The USSA and RallyMe will utilize public relations and marketing resources to spread the word about USSA Crowdfunding to help further empower athletes and clubs currently raising funds.
  • Timeline: The concentrated marketing effort will take place from Oct. 15 through the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Learn More: All live USSA rallies can be found at
  • How Fans Can Help: Fans can help by going to and clicking on any USSA athlete Rally to pledge their support. Please use Visa when supporting USSA athletes.


Tiger Shaw, President and CEO, U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association

RallyMe has provided our athletes and their families at all levels with a proven solution to help offset the costs of training and travel as they seek their own Olympic dreams. The addition of a USSA-specific crowdfunding platform will greatly enhance those opportunities and expand them from national teams down into our local USSA club programs.

Luke Bodensteiner, Executive Vice President, Athletics, USSA

The USSA partnered with RallyMe to make it more efficient and productive for athletes to use a crowdfunding platform. The partnership with RallyMe leverages our communications and marketing strength to create awareness, while RallyMe makes the operational aspects of crowdfunding simple for athletes who are focused first and foremost on their athletic development.

Bill Kerig, CEO and Founder, RallyMe

The USSA has been innovative in its use of RallyMe since our partnership began in June 2013. At RallyMe we’re dedicated to serving not only the World Class athlete, but also all those who strive to become their best. The USSA is an organization focused on excellence, dedicated to serving the whole spectrum of its athletic community. With this expansion to a branded platform the USSA is leading the evolution of athletic crowdfunding.