Why RallyMe Had to Happen in Utah

Local author and crowdfunding visionary Devin Thorpe inked an excellent piece on Forbes. Not only does it show the vast potential of crowdfunding, but it explains the environment that spawned RallyMe. 

Fraser Nelson, Executive Director of the Community Foundation of Utah, had this to say about Utah: “We are the most charitable state in the nation, by far. Utahns give on average 10.6% of their income to charity and are consistently #1 in hours of volunteer service. While much of those funds go to faith organizations, it creates a culture of giving. We are the youngest state, among the most ‘wired’, and are heavy users of social media.”

Now, consider Utah's well-deserved moniker as the State of Sport, as described in this New York Times piece, and you find RallyMe being nourished at the confluence of two powerful torrents: one of giving and one of devotion to sport.

I'd love to say that I planned that -- that I saw these strong currents and planted RallyMe in just the right spot -- but it kinda feels like the seeds of RallyMe were buried in Utah's soil.