Rallying With Spotted Cows and Wisconsin Sports Network

One of the reasons we love sports is the way that the people we play with (or, in the case of sports parents, watch our kids play sports with) coalesce into one big family. We help each others' kids, drive them to the rink or the field, buy them lunches, and pick them up when they fall down.

The same is true in the business of youth sports; the people we come together with — folks with the same desire to get and keep young people in sports — can, when the circumstances are right, become a big sports-enabling family.

Since RallyMe joined SportsEngine last August, we’ve experienced that sort of convocation. Last month SportsEngine CEO Justin Kaufenberg called the extended SportsEngine family of companies together around one table at a local tavern. The resulting conversation flowed from the relative merits of deep fried cheese kurds and the native walleye, past whether the nitro stout was smoother than Surly’s Furious IPA, and into ways that we might be able to help each other further our youth-sports missions.

General Manager of Wisconsin Sports Network Travis Wilson, while favoring the indigenous Spotted Cow, came up with an idea to recognize an outstanding comeback story, or “rally" each week. I loved it, even the next day, after the Left Hand Milk Stout was a memory. So now, in partnership with WSN, we’ll shine a spotlight on a team or an athlete for the most inspiring comeback story of the week. This week, we recognize the McDonell Central boys basketball team as the RallyMe Rally of the Week

Check out the video of a killer buzzer-beating three-pointer to cap the victory. These are the kinds of moments that will be talked about by sports families around dinner tables and in taverns for years to come. And they’re the kind of exemplary moments that RallyMe, WSN, and the entire the SportsEngine family are proud to highlight.

Bill Kerig is the founder and general manager of RallyMe.